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The idea behind this project is to make using computers more accessible for everyone.


Pronouns, names, and skin tone


Customising your Zoom display name is a great way to incorporate preferred names and pronouns into your online profile.

The easiest way to do that in a browser is to log on to zoom and then navigate to your Zoom profile page.

Otherwise - you can open the Zoom app and go to the preferences menu by clicking on your profile pic in the top right of your Zoom app window.

You can also use the settings section of the Zoom app to select which skin tone you prefer your non-verbal reactions to use in Zoom.


You can edit your Slack profile by logging in to Slack and clicking on your profile picture in the top right of the app (or Slack browser window) and selecting the “edit profile” option.

A Slack admin (probably within your IT team) will need to add pronoun and name pronunciation fields for them to be available in your workplace. Slack have a guide here on how to do so.

You can also select the skin tone for your slackmojis by clicking on the “reaction” button to a post to open the slackmoji window and clicking the hand icon in the bottom right hand corner of that window.