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The idea behind this project is to make using computers more accessible for everyone.


Task management and Focus

Breaking up focus time

If breaking down larger tasks into smaller bursts of focus time might help you then investigating pomodoro techniques and timers might be worthwhile. Some combine with to-do lists like this one and others are more basic like the timer site here.

Gamification and accomplishment

If you find motivation and management of distractions to be a factor then investing a little time in something like Habitica may help with that. By “rewarding” yourself with the minor distraction of a productivity game you may find that getting through your workload is that little bit easier.

For some folks, having a to-do list is enough to create a sense of accomplishment, in which case it’s worth making use of Google’s Keep app as you can easily access it and share it with others if needed.

Reducing email bombardment

If you’re a member of several (or simply noisy) Google groups then you can dramatically reduce the number of emails to your inbox by navigating to the offending groups in and changing the subscription drop-down in membership settings to send you a summary of emails instead of every one.